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Wedding and Venue Up lighting- Taking your special day’s décor from Blah to Wow!!!

So, you’re getting married. Lots of planning and decisions to be made. What venue will you use? Photographer? Caterer? Entertainment? Those are some of the big-ticket items. Then you start digging down. Food choices, color schemes, number of guests to invite, décor, and more.

You start to investigate decorations, center pieces, flowers, etc. Deciding these areas can be a daunting task. Prices can vary based on how elaborate you decide to get. What if I told you that you could create a stunning atmosphere and save money in doing so. What if I told you that you could create that wow factor and not with standard decorations. You may ask “How?” Well the answer is venue up lighting.

What is Up lighting you may ask and do you really need it? Up lighting is an easy, cost effective way to accent your venue whether it’s a barn, ballroom, outside tent, and or banquet facility. Up lighting is different from dance floor lighting. However, many entertainment companies use up lighting in conjunction with dance floor lighting to create mood enhancing effects. Most up lighting can match most colors and can create eye appealing effect.

Next question you may ask yourself is “Why do I need up lighting at my event?” My response is “why not.” You probably have attended several weddings in your life. Imagine the events you have been to, walking into the reception area for the first time. What was your first thought? Were you mesmerized by all the table decoration? Did you walk in and utter the words WOW under your breath or to yourself? Well if you said no to these questions then the venue did not stick our nor did the decorations. Now I’m not taking away from standard decorations. I’ve seen some very elaborate, high dollar weddings and they do stick out and give you that WOW factor. But for majority of people this is just not either affordable or attainable. That is where venue up lighting really shines. This is where you can get a lot for not a lot.

Let’s talk about what everyone wants to know…. Price. Venue up lighting can range drastically in price as can all other services provided in the wedding industry. Also, some factors play into this as well. How big is the room? How many lights will you’re event need? At Irish Entertainment and Photo Booth we can provide up lighting from small to larger venues. We also use battery operated, wireless lights. Why are these two aspects important. First imagine 20+ lights all connected, and daisy chained together running throughout your venue. Not only does that stand out like a sore thumb, but it becomes a liability and tripping hazard as well. Second as mentioned early we use our up lighting for when the dance starts. We can change the lighting with a click of a button. Why is this important. Well we can use a pink or bright green for high energy dance the night away kind of mood, to a navy blue so you and your loved one can come together and enjoy that beautiful Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight song while dancing cheek to cheek. So, price can range from a few hundred dollars on up. If you were to rent lights from an online site, they could range from about $15-$40 per light. On top of that it would be something you have to set up and will most likely not be cordless.

In closing I strongly believe this is an option every wedding should have. I have had grooms who were solely against paying the extra money for up lighting, come up to me first thing and praise how much it made the room stand out. I have had people come up to me not believing they were in the venue they were in because it was completely transformed. If you like to learn more about venue up lighting and any of the other services we provide, please fill out this contact form and we will get back with you as soon as possible. To learn more about Irish Entertainment and Photo Booth please check out our Facebook page here as well as the about section of our website located here.

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